MoMM Opens Bass Exhibit
The NAMM MUSEUM of Making Music (MoMM) will round out a successful year with "LOW: The Power & Beauty of Bass," opening Nov. 8. This latest special exhibition, running through summer 2016, explores the world of bass — the sounds that fall below 262 Hertz on the frequency spectrum, as well as the low register instruments that make them.

This interactive exhibition introduces several aspects of the low register bass experience. With the overarching theme focusing on low sounds, the exhibition can also be experienced through unique elements that appeal to the senses of sight and touch.

"Our overall goal with this exhibition is to raise awareness of the essential role that low register instruments, sounds and rhythms play in a musical setting," said Carolyn Grant, executive director of the NAMM MUSEUM of Making Music. "We hope that the exhibition opens a door to a new sonic world and that will inspire visitors to listen differently to music and the world around them. Ultimately, this exhibition will be deemed a success if someone, someday says to us, 'Because of your exhibition I became a bass clarinet, saxophone, drum or guitar player.' We know that there are many people out there whose true expression might come through a bass instrument."