From left: Fort Wayne Fire Chief Eric Lahey, Mayor Tom Henry, Chuck Surack and Public Safety Director Rusty York.

Sweetwater Donates Metronomes to Fire Department

Sweetwater has joined forces with the Fort Wayne, Indiana, fire department to enhance health and public safety in the City of Fort Wayne.

Announced at a press conference on August 24, the two-part initiative involves the use of Narcan and metronomes to assist fire fighters in providing lifesaving care.

Narcan is an opiate antagonist that helps with the survival rate of heroin overdose victims. Narcan is now available on all fire apparatus, which has resulted in faster administration to patients in need of medication.

The Fort Wayne Fire Department is also improving patient care through the use of metronomes.

Sweetwater recently donated 40 metronomes that will help fire fighters deliver quality compressions to individuals in a health emergency, including an overdose situation. The metronomes will allow fire fighters to keep a steady, proper rhythm when giving an unconscious person CPR.

Chuck Surack, Sweetwater's founder and president, was recognized for Sweetwater's commitment to making a meaningful difference in the the community.

"Sweetwater was happy to make this donation to help support the firemen and the city of Fort Wayne," Surack said. "To think that a simple little product that goes 'click, click, click' can be used, along with CPR, to make sure those compressions are accurately timed [could] help save someone's life. It could be a father, a brother, a mother. I'm just overwhelmed by the ability to help people in this way."

"Our community's commitment to health and public safety is evident by the public and private sectors — Sweetwater being a prime example of the latter — coming together to say we must continue to advance our city to be the best," said Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry.

"The Fort Wayne Fire Department is honored to partner with local health professionals and Sweetwater in our on-going commitment to serving and protecting residents in the city of Fort Wayne," said Fire Chief Eric Lahey.