JodyJazz Expands Facility

JodyJazz has completed a major expansion of its facility in Savannah, Georgia, including additional factory space and new offices. Due to significant growth over the past few years, the company tripled its overall square footage in order to fill a need for additional manufacturing and office space.

Towards the end of 2014, the company took advantage of additional space that became available adjacent to its current premises and undertook a major building project to incorporate this additional space into its facility.

In addition to the facility expansion, JodyJazz also increased its staff to 12 employees.

"Establishing this additional manufacturing space now was absolutely vital to ensure our continued growth," said Jody Espina, president of JodyJazz. "We really needed the additional space to house a third CNC machine, which is already online. We need the increased production capacity to keep up with the ever-growing worldwide demand for our mouthpieces."

The expansion includes additional manufacturing space, new office space and the building of a dedicated showroom area. The new showroom features a glass showcase with the entire range of JodyJazz mouthpieces, a stage, stage lights, a projector and movie screen, and a video studio, as well as a small bar area and a pool table.

JodyJazz will be offering factory tours, video presentations and the opportunity to test mouthpieces at the new location.

"Our goal ultimately is to make people think of Savannah as a destination to come to try out saxophone mouthpieces," Espina said.