From left: Connolly's Chris Rohrecker and Jake Connolly with Bruce Perrin and Alex Mew of Barnes & Mullins.

Connolly to Distribute Faith Guitars in U.S.

Connolly Music Company has struck a deal with Faith Guitars, a brand of UK-based distributor Barnes & Mullins, to become the exclusive distributor in the United States.

Connolly Music has decades of experience in the orchestral market and growing presence in the pro-audio and MI/combo markets. Connolly diversified its portfolio of products by adding Faith Guitars.

"The Faith guitar line embodies a fresh and winning combination of exquisite hand craftsmanship, superb fit and finish, all-solid wood acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars with alluring looks, accompanied by an affordable price point — not to mention a dedicated and burgeoning community of followers," said Jake Connolly, Connolly's president. "It's no surprise Faith guitars were voted UK's Best Acoustic Guitar for the past three years. We are proud and excited to introduce them to select U.S. dealers after 13 years of success in the international arena. It is a complete bonus that we are able to work with such a respected partner as Barnes & Mullins in the process."

"The Faith Guitars' team are all incredibly excited by this," said Alex Mew, Faith Guitars' brand manager. "We have been building toward this goal for quite some time, and have been working hard to increase guitar production to a level that can accommodate the demands of the U.S. market. The huge impact that the U.S. has upon other parts of the global guitar market is undeniable, so with our existing strength in the UK, Europe and Australia, plus a rapidly growing presence in China, India and other parts of Asia, Faith Guitars customers, artists and players stand to reap many benefits. Connolly Music's reputation precedes them, and we have every confidence that they will excel in this new and exciting venture."

Connolly Music will be receiving stock of Faith guitars during August/September 2015, with pre-orders being taken now.