Sabian Sells Direct to Retail in U.S.

Effective immediately, all sales and distribution of Sabian cymbals and accessories in the United States will be handled exclusively by Sabian Ltd.

"This is absolutely the right time in our history to engage directly on all levels with our valued partners in the USA," said Andy Zildjian, Sabian president and CEO. "It allows us to take direct control of the message, relationships and brand focus in our largest market. This is the beginning of a very exciting time for all of us in the Sabian family, and we look forward to working closer with our retail partners for many years to come."

In 2013, Sabian implemented Lean as a corporate philosophy, and it has impacted the entire organization in many positive ways. The resulting increase in overall efficiency and effectiveness allowed for improvements in many areas, including customer service, warehousing, manufacturing processes, and the elimination of waste. Most importantly, it has allowed Sabian to take advantage of new opportunities, including servicing retailers in the United States direct from their corporate headquarters.

"Incorporating Lean into our daily lives has allowed us to remain competitive on a global basis while helping to change our culture for the better," said Mike Connell, Sabian CFO and COO. "This has resulted in our employees being better able to service the needs of our customers. Employees at Sabian are open-minded to change and have a genuine passion to do whatever it takes to position Sabian for a strong future. This strategic move to sell direct to retailers in the U.S. marks the start of a new era in Sabian's history."

Sabian band and orchestral instruments and accessories will continue to be sold and distributed by Pearl Corporation in the United States.