Fender, Hurley Team Up for Good Cause

Hurley and Fender have teamed up to recognize the 60th anniversary of the Stratocaster, while auctioning off 20 American-made, hand-painted Stratocaster guitars on eBay from Oct. 22-Nov. 1. The proceeds will benefit Waves For Water, an organization that brings access to potable water to nations in need.

"STRAT: 60 Years of the Stratocaster" is a collaboration between the two brands and pays homage the Stratocaster guitar. Each Strat will include individual designs and artwork by a featured artist, including Shawn Stussy, Don Ed Hardy, Craig Stecyk, Christian Jacobs, Natalia Fabia, Ryan Adams, Johnny Marr and Brandon Boyd.

"As forms of creative expression, music and art have always been closely linked and ride the same cultural waves," said Justin Norvell, vice president of product marketing for Fender. "A musician's desire to express themselves has often led to their guitars and basses being painted — like Jimi Hendrix's Monterrey Strat, Joe Strummer's Stenciled Telecaster guitar, or art commissions like Eric Clapton's guitars painted by CRASH. This collaboration is an exciting and natural fit — we have tons of crossover between the musician, skate and surf communities, and are stoked to get together for a great cause."

A charity art show will take place at Hurley's headquarters in Orange County, California on Oct. 24 to bolster the financial efforts of the project, and will be the only exhibit to see the guitars in person before they're sold via eBay Givingworks. One hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit Waves For Water.

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