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SLM Teams With iMSO to Release Sigma

St. Louis Music (SLM) is now managing and distributing the Sigma Guitar line. These mid-level guitars will be offered exclusively to members of the Independent Music Store Owner’s (iMSO) group.

"St. Louis Music has always enjoyed a great relationship with independent music store owners and our friendship with the people of iMSO has continued to grow,"
said SLM CEO Mark Ragin, who began his career behind the counter of an independent music instrument store.

"We’re looking forward to offering a quality instrument just for iMSO members," Ragin said. "It’s going to be a great partnership."

These acoustic guitars will MAP between $300 and $600, filling the niche of beginning and advancing players looking for a quality guitar to grow into.

"I can't think of another company I’d rather enter into a partnership like this [with] than St. Louis Music," said iMSO’s Gordy Wilcher, co-owner of Owensboro’s Music in Owensboro, Ky. "And we’re already getting a lot of interest from our 400-plus members. These guitars are well made and at that popular mid-level price point. Sigmas fit perfectly between SLM’s Austin and Alvarez lines. Frankly, those three combined are going to allow me to take some other guitars off my wall that I just can’t compete with on price with the Internet. They are great guitars and good for an independent music store’s bottom line.";