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Cowtown Guitars' Jesse and Roxie Amoroso

Cowtown's New Leadership

Cowtown Guitars in Las Vegas recently changed hands from owner Mark Chatfield to longtime customers and employees Jesse and Roxie Amoroso.

In 2002, Roxie helped rebuild Cowtown Guitars' website. Instead of asking for payment, she requested a 1971 Les Paul Custom for Jesse, then her boyfriend. Jesse began working for the shop two years later and helped manage it when Chatfield went back on the road with Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band.

According to Roxie, she and Jesse aim to continue "carrying the same high-quality vintage instruments that Mark himself groomed us both to look for" and "always have our eyes peeled for the next cutting edge product that will keep Cowtown Guitars current in this ever-changing industry."

"In 2011, when our good friend Mark Chatfield told us he was selling Cowtown both of our hearts were heavy," Roxie said. "But Mark, being Mark, had a plan. He made us an offer we couldn't refuse. We didn't just buy a guitar shop. We are buying a big, inanimate member of the family. Cowtown Guitars means so much to so many people, and we are no exception. It feels like we've been given more than a thriving business. We've been given an opportunity. We've been given a gift."

In July, Cowtown Guitars also teamed up with local businesses and organizations to help children in need. Customers who brought in donations of food, hygiene products and clothing were entered in a drawing to receive a free gift, which included strings, tuners, accessories and guitar polish.

"The number of homeless children in our community is nearing 6,000 kids," Roxie said. "Help is needed now more than ever."