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Dr. Phil Launches Little Kids Rock Across America

The Dr. Phil Foundation has launched Little Kids Rock Across America with a $500,000 donation designed to restore, revitalize and enhance music programs in schools across 10 U.S. cities. The program will bring music education to schoolchildren from grades K–12 in New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; Philadelphia; Dallas; Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; Tampa, Fla.; and two additional cities to be named by the end of 2009. The announcement was made by the Dr. Phil Foundation and its partner Little Kids Rock during the Dec. 7 taping of the “Dr. Phil” TV show. This episode is scheduled for a Dec. 10 broadcast.

Joining Dr. Phil McGraw at the taping were notable musicians, such as Mike Einziger from Incubus, Zachary Merrick from All Time Low and Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Jordan McGraw, musician, composer and youngest son of Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, also performed with a group of schoolchildren who are part of Little Kids Rock. He will serve as the Foundation’s ambassador to Little Kids Rock Across America.

“I’m passionate about music, and I have often said that when kids reach a certain age, they need to belong to something,” said Dr. Phil. “David Wish [of Little Kids Rock] had a dream, and he made it real. I am proud that with his help, Little Kids Rock Across America will be teaching kids and their mentors what the power of music can really do to change who they are.”

“Dr. Phil’s passion and vision dovetails perfectly with our history of bringing music to children,” said Wish, CEO and founder of Little Kids Rock. “This is an extraordinary opportunity to partner and make a real difference in the lives of thousands of kids. With the creation of Little Kids Rock Across America, we will be training more teacher volunteers and reaching more kids in more classrooms who would never have had an opportunity to play music in an economy where arts programs are evaporating.” MI