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Sabian Exhumes
Buried Cymbals

Sabian has unearthed 100 custom-sized, 21-inch Artisan medium ride models in natural finish. They were buried eight months underground at an undisclosed spot near the Sabian factory in eastern Canada as part of the ‘One of 100’ project.

According to Sabian Vice President of Sales Peter Stairs, the company had received hundreds of queries over the years regarding the “aging of cymbals by burying them in the ground.” So Sabian put the idea to the test.

Mark Love, Sabian’s product specialist, said the process did impact the sound of the cymbals.

“While it does vary somewhat from cymbal to cymbal, the common denominator seems to be that the high and low frequencies are less noticeable, while the mid range is more dominant now,” Love said. “They are also drier and have less overall roar.”

The cymbals in the ‘One of 100’ collection were available to the first 100 eligible buyers who submitted a purchase submission form on the Sabian Web site. The cymbals were numbered one through 100 and allocated in the order the submissions were received. The cymbals will be individually packaged in a wood box with official documentation of authenticity signed by Mark Love.