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Conn-Selmer Promotes Stimulus Awareness

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, billions of dollars will be invested into U.S. education. Conn-Selmer has released some tips for educators looking into music program funding.

“When an educator provides a list of instrument needs, Conn-Selmer will work with and provide to the school’s chosen dealer a purchase proposal with a variety of payment options for the school,” said Richard Breske, director of institutional relations at Conn-Selmer. “Whether the school chooses to utilize its economic stimulus funds or draws from its capital spending or other accounts, music educators will have a ready proposal for American-made musical instruments.”

Three areas of the federal stimulus package can be accessed for school musical instrument purchases. School Improvement Grants ($3 billion), Qualified Zone Academy Bonds ($2.4 billion) and the education portion of State Fiscal Stabilization Funds ($39.8 billion) may be utilized for equipment purchases.

Here are some steps educators can take:

Determine your needs. Consider replacing older instruments or adding small groups, such as flute and clarinet choirs and percussion ensembles. Also, include instruments for a better marching band.

Visit Conn-Selmer’s Director Wish List on the company’s Web site. Here, educators can create a list of their instrument needs and receive a proposal with a Stimulus Payment Option from Conn-Selmer and Conn-Selmer dealers.

Identify your federal/state funding program coordinator. This may be a full-time position or one of several duties within a district’s office. Teachers will be able to learn where funding initiatives stand in their state and district, as well as the proper ways to apply for these economic stimulus funds.

Stay in close contact with your administration. Let them know that music education crosses all curriculums, teaches students how to interpret data, and benefits students in both individual and societal ways.