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Trent Steps
Down at Ludwig

Grant Henry, general manager for Ludwig drums and Musser percussion, has announced that Todd Trent is stepping down from his role as artist relations manager at Ludwig.

“Even though he will no longer drive artist relations, he will always be connected as part of our Ludwig family,” said Henry.

Trent worked with Ludwig artists for more than 25 years, managing the needs of more than 100 Ludwig drummers. “My own experiences with Todd have proven that he is a great business owner, a knowledgeable industry veteran, an artist relations guru, a Ludwig ambassador, a mentor, but above any of that, a true and honest friend,” Henry said. “His influence and contributions Ludwig will always be proudly displayed in the chapters of Ludwig’s rich history.”

“I can not possibly mention all the great artists and co-workers past and present I have had the privilege to work with,” said Trent, “but I can not depart without giving very special credit to Bill Ludwig III for giving me my start, Jim Catalano for being a mentor and the greatest of friends, and last, but certainly not least, "The Chief", William F. Ludwig II for all the great stories and devotion to the drumming community.

The decision to resign my position has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am looking forward to continuing my music career at the retail level.” MI