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Leblanc Factory
Changes Hands

The Argos Soditic, an independent European capital investment group, has signed an agreement with the Steinway group for the purchase of a historic building where Leblanc clarinets were formerly produced in La Couture Boussey, in the Department of Eure region of France.

This factory produces wind instruments for students, under the brand name Buffet Crampon, in a new and independent legal form, known as the Manufacture d’Instruments de la Couture.

Antoine Beaussant serves as chairman of the company. He’s also chairman of the board of directors of the Buffet Crampon Group.

The factory currently employs 35 individuals with additional hirings planned for the near future to meet new production needs. Buffet Crampon continues to pursue its strategy of development through acquisitions.

The Manufacture d’Instruments de la Couture allows Buffet Crampon to pursue its industrial independence, while increasing its production capacity for students’ instruments.

The primary factory in Mantes, France, will continue to produce top-level and professional-level instruments, notably clarinets and oboes.

“This new investment in the musical instruments sector reflects a commitment to building solid companies, companies which combine centuries-old know-how and growth,” said Louis Godron, principle shareholder of Argos-Soditic.